Meet HighOnLove CEO Angela Mustone; Canndora's Newest Partner

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Canndora's HighOnLove Edition is our sexiest curation yet! We sat down with HighOnLove CEO Angela Mustone to learn all about HighOnLove and the unique relationship between cannabis and sexuality.

Tell us about HighOnLove and how you came up with the idea

HighOnLove works to awaken the senses, redefine intimacy, and revolutionize the way you love. My previous years of experience in California Exotic Novelties gave me insight into the types of adult products that would appeal to women and the dearth of those types of products in the market. With the growth and normalization of cannabis and CBD products, I saw an opportunity to develop high-quality sexual wellness products with hemp seed oil.

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You started your career in the adult lifestyle industry, how did you bring hemp into the mix?

I had learned in my career that cannabis and sex often go well together. And as CBD, hemp seed oil or THC became better known, I saw a real market opportunity to fuse cannabis elements with sexual wellness to heighten the experience. I worked with my chemist to develop hemp-infused sexual wellness products – and the results were amazing! I decided to incorporate hemp into all of my HighOnLove products so that women can have this bold and satisfying climactic experience.

What’s the difference between the HighOnLove Orgasm Oil and Orgasm Gel and what’s something consumers can be excited for?

Both our Orgasm Oil and Orgasm Gel consists of the same 3 key ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil, Peppermint, and L-Arginine. These three combined are a powerhouse trio for the most stimulating and orgasmic experience.

The Stimulating Orgasm Oil can be used on the clitoris during foreplay and for sex and the Stimulating O’Gel can be used as lubricant.

Both products are made with all-natural oils and premium grade hemp seed oil that ignites an intense orgasmic experience.

Consumers should be excited about our brand new Lip Gloss, which is fantastic for foreplay and oral pleasure.

angela mustone of highonlove

What is it about cannabis and hemp that makes it such a game changer when it comes to sex?

Cannabis and hemp can revolutionize women’s sex life – especially those who face pain during intercourse and are experiencing menopausal symptoms and dryness. Cannabis and hemp can increase blood flow and sensitivity while numbing pain.

 What’s something people don’t understand about bringing products into the bedroom?

I think people don’t realize how much demand there is for bedroom products! Because we are not always comfortable discussing sex and sexual wellness products, people may not realize that there are millions out there who want the same thing as them. Once you break down the barriers and make people feel comfortable expressing their desires, you see how much of a marketplace exists for your products.

Do you have any suggestions on how women can help normalize cannabis and sex?

Use it more and do it more! Seriously, the more women use products such as HighOnLove and talk about it, the more normal it becomes. Cannabis and sex are only taboos because we decided they were, as some societies have had issue with items that cause pleasure. The more the average person experiences cannabis and sex, the more people will realize its highly pleasurable and can promote intimacy with their partner.

Get HighOnLove this holiday season and order the latest edition here.

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