My First Vape: The Story of a Girl’s First Time

I’ve long enjoyed a puff from a passed joint and used my small glass pipe for recreational, personal use at home. But it’s not a ritual for me the way it is for others. I don’t sit down relax and take time to smoke. I’m a busy mom with two small kids so there is never enough time.

Vaping seemed interesting to me given the health benefits, so even though my pipe works for me, I really wanted to give vaping a try. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Atmos Jump. It’s sleek style and clean design is right up my ally.


Unboxing the vape is in itself a fun experience. Sophisticated packaging showcases the product nicely. When you open it, a USB charger makes charging easy. It also comes with a cleaning tool. Three quick clicks and the vape is up and running heating to the optimal temperature.

As someone that enjoys weed, I was surprised at just how foreign the experience felt and I really didn’t know what to expect! With that in mind, I wanted to share my experience with others to help make your first vape smooth sailing.

So, here we go. Five things that surprised me about vaping:

It’s totally silent

When I turned the vape on, I expected to hear something. I don’t know what exactly, but some sort of indication that the vape is up and running (a hum maybe?) Nope. Nothing. This thing is totally discreet and incognito which I love!

No smoke to smell or see

Of course there’s no smoke, it’s a Vape! But I still expected to see something smoke-like. I could see the vapor a bit, which made me wonder if I was getting anything. But I was… No smoke means no smell. You could even use this thing inside.

Taste matters

Through the vape you can really taste the weed. The lack of the smoke was still throwing me at this point, so I kind of liked it and it was a signal to me that I was getting some and that it was working.

The ‘puff’ isn’t really a puff at all

Using a vape is definitely not a puff, puff, pass situation. A long slow draw seems to be the best way. I learned this after a few short inhales that didn’t feel quite right. Slow and steady wins the race with Vapes.

The high

I liked it quite a lot. A bit more mellow than the same weed smoked in my pipe. I felt more of a relaxed body buzz along with a nice head high. I felt really calm, which was awesome.

At the end of the day I’m so excited to own the Atmos Jump Vape and will definitely be using this piece more often in my smoking routine.

Update: I’ve now used the Jump about a dozen times and love it! No smell, no smoke and I find I use very little weed.

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