Make Your Own Rosin With These Simple Steps

We had many inquiries on how to make your own rosin at home so it can be consumed in your Shatterizer vape pen. We hope these details help for your own DIY experience!

What is Rosin

Rosin is a cannabis concentrate made through an extraction technique. Rosin has an extremely high cannabinoid and terpene concentration.

Rosin is essentially solventless shatter. It's made by pressing cannabis flower, kief, or trim between two very hot surfaces with a lot of pressure, basically squeezing resinous sap from the bud. The result is an extract with a sappy consistency and translucent color.


Sourced: Leafly News

DIY Rosin At Home

Tools You'll Need 

  • Dried Flower 
  • Unbleached Parchment Paper (cut into 4x4 squares) 
  • Hair Straightener 
  • Wax Tool 
  • Heat resistant gloves (for safety)

Steps to Creating Your Own Vapable Rosin 

  1. Turn Hair Straightener On. Lowest setting is best (280-330F)
  2. Fold your 4x4 parchment pieces in half 
  3. Place your flower in the folded paper 
  4. Press the flower down with finger tips
  5. Insert the folded paper into the heated hair straightener 
  6. Press firmly for 4-9 seconds (you will hear a sizzle)
  7. Remove the paper from the straightener 
  8. Unfold the paper 
  9. Remove the flattened dried flower from the paper 
  10. Use your Wax Tool to collect any of the sticky rosin 
  11. Store in your chosen container (Shatterizer comes with their own when purchasing the pen)
  12. Congratulations, now load your very own DIY rosin into your vape pen and enjoy! 

 Words of advice from Val McCulloch, Chief Strategy Officer for Shatterizer

"If you're new to cannabis concentrates, just start slow. Don't go in for a huge hit right away, the reason why a lot of dabbers or more experienced clients with cannabis concentrates love us is because you get a really great hit out of our device." 

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