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We LOVED having this revealing chat with the team of Soak Life. Kieley, the VP of Business Development is just a breath of fresh air and her energy is certainly something you'd want to soak up! 

Here's this Edmonton based companies journey: 


You ladies have a journey to share. What has been Soak Life’s Most memorable moment?

This brand was floating around in Jill Provencal's (Founder) head for quite some time. She had the web domain for a while before deciding to launch it under her Hipbees brand.  Back in September she was approached by the nationwide dispensary chain Fire and Flower to make a Cannabis Ready Bath Product and together we moved forward to build the brand. There were many iterations of the logo before we settled on the one you see here. I remember the first draft and the moon was orange, a harvest moon. I asked Jill “Is that a sun or a moon?” “Its a moon.” she said. “Well let’s try a grey moon, just to see what it looks like.”  So we picked a grey we liked and sent it to our designer. When the designer sent it back, the colour we had chosen (at random I might add) was number “420 Grey” from the Pantone line. Well, we laughed and laughed and said “that’s a sign if we ever saw one.” That week we had 5 of Jill’s closest girlfriends working long hours making all the products for that first order. Lots of trial and error, fiddling with formulations, making sure we got it just right. It was a thrilling and terrifying experience. Would they like it? Would the public like it? Did we just waste weeks of our lives putting this together? Who knew? We love the brand and what it embodies - self-care and bringing the outdoors, indoors!


What exactly will you feel using your bubble bath? Can you explain the experience?

I absolutely LOVE our Bubble Bath! We have a certified aromatherapist that formulates our essential oil blends. The Bubble Bath is based on the terpene Pinene, so it transports you to the forest. Black spruce, cypress and nootka wood are essential oils that will uplift your spirit and bring a soothing mountain hot spring feel to your tub!

When used with cannabis oil, it actually increases the beneficial properties of that oil so you don’t have to use as much to find relaxation and relief. Pinene helps regulate the body’s immune response and is anti-inflammatory (sound familiar? Yep, cannabis helps with that too!). It’s also a bronchodilator, which means it helps bring more air-flow into the lungs.  

Jill also specially formulated the Bubble Bath to make bath water and oils play nice together. If you have ever tried to add straight cannabis oil to a bath, you will see it just sits on the top, makes a ring around your tub and doesn’t really absorb as well and not everyone wants to smell like their cannabis oil. Soak Life Bubble Bath infuses the whole bath with your sacred plant botanicals.


Are your products all natural? What are some ingredients we can look forward to?

Absolutely, let’s start with the ingredients we DON’T use; our bath products do not contain parabens, phthalates, alcohol, fragrance, or SLS. We source our ingredients from organic, fair-trade suppliers only. We try to source as many local ingredients as possible, so Canadian hemp oil is found in our entire bath line!

We are very ready to soak now! Will you share your fave bath night ritual?

Ok, are you ready for this? 'Cause it’s a process. I have 3 kids under 7. Bath time doesn’t happen often without them being included (tear shed).

I try to do this at least once a month, more if I can. Before I start their bedtime routine, I run my bath, hot water only until the hot runs out (we don’t have hot water on demand #goals) I take an edible, usually something I’ve cooked up that week, and get the kids to bed, this way by the time I’m ready to get in the tub, I am super relaxed and I’m much more engaged with the kids before bed (this is a special time for us!). Bedtime takes about 45 minutes, or so, and in that time, my hot water tank has replenished (see where this is going?). I infuse either a bath bomb, or a soak or use my bubble bath or oil mixed with cannabis oil. I add a THC oil  if I’m really sore from a physical day or sometimes I just use a CBD oil to soothe my dry winter chapped skin (yay Alberta!).

I try to soak for a minimum of 20 minutes to get the full effects, but I recommend bringing a great book (about women in cannabis) and replenishing that hot water throughout for at least an hour or more! See where a full hot water tank is helpful here?!

CANDLES are a must have, too! Bathroom lighting can be stark and wake you up. Candle light will create a purely relaxing ambiance after a rough day. Find a wood wick candle (hint, we will be coming out with those in the near future). It’s like having a mini campfire at your bath-side.  The smell and the sound of that wick burning is really visceral and grounding; bringing out the deep emotions of your day, week, or month and letting them go.

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