The Her(B) Life Launches Magazine, Commemorating the End of Prohibition

Our friends The Her(B) Life recently launched a new magazine featuring change-making women in the cannabis industry. We sat down with the founder (cannabis industry influencer, awesome human-being and smarty pants) Gill Polard for a Q&A to discuss the initiative. 

What is The Her(B) Life and why create a magazine?

The Her(B) Life is a content platform that actively seeks to celebrate the feminine cannabis experience. Through personal essays, stories and interviews with industry leaders we create space for women to share their stories about how cannabis touches their lives. 

We’ve created a magazine because we want to commemorate the once in a lifetime event that is the end of cannabis prohibition in Canada. With social media and the internet we have more opportunities to reach a wider audience and connect with more like-minded people - but, print really is the perfect medium to give readers something to sink their teeth into and explore topics at a greater depth and length. 


You have accomplished so much in the cannabis industry, what drives you?
Haha, first of all, thank you for saying so. It’s always really nice to have your accomplishments acknowledged. 

What drives me? I’m always driven to create the thing that I wish I had access to. For example, I really wanted a website that talked about cannabis as though it were already a given that I use it. I have been around this plant long enough not to need education (although we should never stop learning about cannabis!) or help coming out of the cannabis closet. I wanted funny, relevant lifestyle articles that reference cannabis without having to explain basics or give the reader permission to be proud of her consumption. The Spotlight Series, which is a series of interviews with women who are leading companies in the space came about because I wanted to be able to highlight the accomplishments of the women I work with, and provide some media coverage for them, particularly as they work to get their projects off the ground. The same goes for The High Friends Podcast that I co-host with Rachel Colic. I just really, really, really wanted it to exist in the world. 

The other thing driving me is much more personal and a little bit narcissistic if I’m being honest. I am fascinated by the cultural shift that we’re seeing around cannabis and I love that I have the opportunity to add my voice to something I feel very strongly about. I have a vision of my grandchildren and great grandchildren sitting around the dinner table one day telling stories about their grandma and how hard she worked to tell her truth and participate in this revolution. I want them to be proud of me and call me a badass! LOL 

As a mom, do you struggle with your personal brand? How do you communicate your career to your children?
Yes and no. I’ve always been really open and upfront about cannabis with my kids. They are really well educated about the plant and its benefits and thats because its been so important to me and such a big part of my life. If I downplayed it to them, what sort of story would I be telling them? Going back to wanting them to be proud of me and the work I do, not talking about it might give them the impression that cannabis is wrong or bad. Plus, education is the key to harm reduction and so arming them with knowledge now will help them make smart choices later.  The part that is a struggle is more personal, its me being worried about what my kids teachers will think of me but so far it’s been really positive and respectful. 

We're thrilled to feature the magazine in our Summer Release! Why did you decide to partner with Canndora?
Well that's a no-brainer for me! I love subscription boxes! They are my favourite way to treat myself and I knew early on that I wanted to partner with a female focused subscription box that was curating a wide and interesting array of items and that's Canndora!

Where can we pick up the magazine and follow you to learn more?

You can purchase it directly from our website: and choose either the physical issue or a downloadable version. You can also find it at select stockists throughout Canada. To stay in touch with us you can connect on InstagramFacebook and Twitter

Any advice for women looking to get into the cannabis industry?

Research and read as much as you can get your hands on. Not just current news but ensure you’re up to date on regulations and the political landscape, the history behind prohibition, historical medical uses, how it was used around the world for thousands of years… Also, take time to get to know key players in your area and the industry as a whole. Network and make connections, be gracious and friendly and look for opportunities to collaborate all the time. 

Gill's Shoutouts: 5 fav cannabis brands/products

  • I’m loving grizzlers prerolls right now, their packaging and branding is cute and the product itself is top quality. Plus, they’re a BC brand and I love to support local brands!
  • CROWNS from Eves of Eden. These gorgeous little filter papers have changed my entire ritual! Now instead of tearing up expensive business cards for my joints I have pretty filters with birds on them, I love it!
  • Flower and Freedom. F&F is a fitness based brand out of Vancouver and they explore how cannabis can be used to live a healthy, fit lifestyle. I love the message and I adore the team of women behind it. 
  • Miss Envy Botanicals makes amazing products for everything from recreational to medical to sexual health needs. I love their line and the bath bombs are fabulous.
  • Soothsayer. I have a tamper necklace from Soothsayer and I love it so much. I wear it constantly because it goes with everything and looks so minimalist and cool. 
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