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When you’re an elevated woman looking for a great vacation destination for the Summer you have lots of things to consider. One of those things, of course, is how 420 friendly the place you’re going to visit is. Vancouver B.C. is definitely one of those travel destinations. 

Vancouver B.C. has a lot to offer the elevated woman, from great bud all the way to amazing food with incredible views to enjoy at the same time. There are tons of amazing things you can do while visiting and you don’t have to leave Mary-Jane behind. 

420 friendly places in vancouver

Things To Consider BEFORE Visiting

  • When visiting in the Summer months please ensure you are carrying a portable ashtray or bag for any leftovers you might have. Being a responsible elevated woman is number one during the forest fire season that’s in full force during August but getting longer every year. 
  • It’s legal but restricted, like drinking, which means in public spaces you will need to be aware of your surroundings. If you can’t openly drink in that space you probably can’t partake as openly as you would wish. 
  • Be aware of No Smoking signs as they apply to all accessories including vape pens. 

  • That being said the city has been very 420 friendly before legalization and as long as you are discreet and respectful of those around you, you shouldn’t have any issues regardless of where you are. There is usually always a little spot to steal away and for the most part you can enjoy your pens pretty openly in less crowded street spaces. 

    420 friendly vancouver

    Places You Must Enjoy In Vancouver While Elevated

    Stanley Park  
    This is one of Vancouver’s most famous parks and it’s a great place to spend a whole day and part of the evening. Pack up your Canndora Hotbox Edition for a day on the go, rent some bikes and ride the seawall. Enjoy the sights, check out the Vancouver Aquarium inside the park, maybe enjoy a little golf or lawn bowling. There are even some great places to eat; including the famous teahouse, lumberman’s arch if you love fish and chips and even the new Stanley Park Brewing house! If you are still there by dark why not catch a show at Theatre Under the Stars to finish off your night in a super fun way. 

    Queen Elizabeth Park + Bloedel 
    Another famous park to check out this one was made in dedication to the Queen herself and showcases lots of beautiful plant varieties. It is also home to Bloedel another great, and very affordable, greenhouse filled with super exotic plants, birds and butterflies. Once you are done enjoying the waterfall the Bloedel head to Seasons in the Park for a Sunset dinner and enjoy a lovely bottle of local Burrowing Owl wine and incredible views of the downtown core. Booking a patio spot on a fireworks night is a great idea but book far in advance for something like this. If you are a baseball fan Nat Bailey Stadium is actually at the base of the park and does a fireworks show every Saturday game they have. 

    Capilano suspension bridge

                            View from the Capilano Suspension Bridge

    Capilano Suspension Bridge 
    Vancouver is all about nature and one of the best ways to enjoy a protected 2nd growth forest is by heading to Capilano Suspension Bridge. Home to some of the oldest trees in Vancouver your breath will be taken away as you walk amongst the forest high up in the canopy of Vancouver’s incredible rain forest. Beautiful in every season this is a stop you have to make while in the area. Although jumping isn’t allowed on the bridge there’s plenty of swinging without it, if you like movement when you’re elevated the Capilano Suspension Bridge is where you want to be.

    Science World + Olympic Village
    If you are traveling with the whole family you might be looking for a super fun option for both you and the kids. Science World is definitely that place. You can run around learning things hands on, and enjoy lots of great demonstrations that are sure to wow! They even have an outdoor play area perfect for letting the kids burn off some steam while you take some great vacation photos the big smiles your kids will have. 

    Must Eat Places in Vancouver 

    Fat Mao [Chinatown] 
    Love thai food? Love big bowls of noodly goodness? Then Fat Mao was made for you and you don’t want to miss it. Nothing in Vancouver can beat this award winning chefs bowls of heaven. 

    Cartems Donuts [Olympic Village area]
    Donuts… need I say more?? This place is world renowned for their incredible donuts and after a day at Science World you are just a couple blocks away from enjoying some of the best. Don’t leave the city without eating one of these beauties. 

    the flying pig vancouver

    The Flying Pig [Gastown]
    If bacon is your calling don’t miss out on the Flying Pig. Pork being their specialty you can’t leave this place without a happy tummy. Their cesar salad even has pork belly croutons that make it simply to die for good. 

    Yolks [East Hastings]
    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and yolks knows that better than anyone else in the city. Having built themselves up from one of the smallest locations this spot has grown in immense popularity for good reason. If you need breakfast, you need Yolks in your life. 

    Tacofino [East Hastings]
    Have a taco craving?? Then Tacofino has to be your place to go if you are in the downtown area. This place often has a line and always has delicious food. 

    Meat & Bread [Above Gastown - Cambie] 
    Killing the sandwich game this a great place to stop in if you are doing a day walking tour of the downtown area. It is also located right by our local pot block with Amsterdam Cafe and Mark Emery’s shop just up the street. Hit the cafe and go for some great food! 

    I hope that helps you plan your trip to Vancouver with confidence knowing Vancouver loves their 420 travellers.




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