We Are Humbled - A Letter from Canndora's Co-Founders

Dear #TeamCanndora Community,

THANK YOU for joining the Canndora Club. We are thrilled to have you a part of over 4,000 cannabis loving women, and growing!

People ask us about Canndora and where the idea came from. We can proudly say the idea came from you. Everyone we interviewed told us they felt left out of the shopping experience and that they are looking for discretion. So we built YOU the best-ever experience. Surprises 3x per year, featuring premium accessories for elevated women.  

We are humbled. We have been amazed and impressed by the women we have met on this journey. We’re privileged to bring you the cannabis lifestyle community and products you told us you’ve been waiting for. As Canadians at the tail end of prohibition, we find the industry exciting and inspiring. We are so grateful for all of your incredible support.

The generations of cannabis-loving women run vast and deep. Moms who are choosing bud over booze, medical patients with incredible journeys, activists, “ganjagirls”, entrepreneurs and boomers who are excited to be free and authentic. We hope Canndora.com is your outlet for the nuanced woman interested in being a part of the cannabis culture, in a fun, exciting and informative way. With Canndora, you’ll discover new products in a discreetly, 3x per year.

Last but certainly not least, we would like to thank our Canndora team of writers, contributors, supporters and staff. We’ve learned so much from you along our journey, couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you again,

Katie & Bridget

PS: Please remember to share your unboxing with #TeamCanndora. We will repost and feature you in our community. Thanks for joining our network of cannabis loving women! Here is a sampling of women who are LOVING their Canndora subscription box.

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