Women in Weed to Follow in Celebration of #IWD2019

Women we admire, leading industry innovation

It’s that time of year where we look to recognize #FierceFounders and inspiring leaders in the industry. International Women’s Day reminds us to lift each other up and show the love. We hope this list of over 60 women in cannabis inspires connections, conversation and innovation.

Gill Polard & Charlie Snow

The Her(B) Life and its founders Gill Polard and Charlie Snow celebrate the feminist cannabis experience through interviews, stories and personal essays. They create great content for #Dopeladies through their magazine and social media platforms.

Jill Provencal & Kieley Beaudry

Soak Life Founder Jill Provencal and VP of Business Development, Kieley Beaudry are working on amazing cannabis bath ready products in Edmonton, AB. Soak Life is giving boss women a much needed relaxing experience.

Alison Gordon & Jeanette VanderMare

48 North is a values-based Licensed Producer focused on best-in-class health and wellness products, profitability, good governance and diversity. CEOs, Alison Gordon  and Jeanette VanderMarel can be found on Twitter sharing all the latest and greatest in cannabis content.

Jenna Bobenna

Jenna Bobenna was recently appointed as CEO of Niche. She’s an advocate for drug policy reform and sensible cannabis policy. She’s a @CSSDP strategic advisor, currently researching cannabis.

Sabrina Ramkellawan

Sabrina Ramkellawan is a speaker, educator and patient advocate. Working in Clinical Research, Cannabis & Non-Profit, she’s the president of CRAC, founder of CIFMA, and vice president of @terrascendcorp

Rachel Colic

Rachel Colic is the producer of @cannabistvshow, founder of Eves of Eden, co-host of “High Friends Podcast” and mentor and advisor at @leaf_forward. Rachel is also the founder of BLOC, celebrating women in cannabis.

April Pride

April Pride is the mind behind Van Der Pop, a women-centric, design-forward cannabis lifestyle brand and one of North America’s most recognized female cannabis brands.

Jane West

Jane West is building brand Jane West organically by creating thoughtful products for an existing community of enthusiasts and a growing community of first-timers.

Bess Bryers

Bess Bryers of Cannabess is a Seattle based Cannabis Photographer and Digital Journalist. If you’re looking for a beautiful cannabis feed with swoon-worthy visuals, you should check her out.

Alison McMahon

Alison McMahon is the founder of @cannabisatwork. She also hosts insightful cannabis conversations with @blownawayaudio.

Rosy Mondin

Rosy Mondin is CEO of  @QuadronCorp and the first female founder of a publicity traded cannabis company worldwide. She the executive director of  @sustainableCTAC and advisor at @CAMCD_ca

Jenn Larry

Jenn Larry is the founder of CBD Strategy Group, a strategy firm that helps cannabis brands thrive within the box.

Amanda Siebert

Amanda Siebert is the author behind the Little Book of Cannabis. Amanda is a great journalist and shares interesting content, including tips on travelling with a cannabis plant.

Megan Henderson

Megan Henderson of HelloMD and formerly GrowthOp knows the cannabis act like no one else. Megan is a wealth of knowledge and an expert speaker on a variety of cannabis topics!

Abi Roach

Abi Roach is a big name in Canadian Cannabis. She’s an OG in cannabis retail, an advocate and innovator. Abi is the owner of Hotbox Cafe in downtown Toronto and is an active member of the cannabis and Toronto community.

Jessica Moran

Jessica Moran is the Director of Marketing Communications at Strainprint Technologies Ltd. Strainprint is an app that works to allow people to live their best lives and it’s no wonder Jessica was drawn to it. Jessica loves kind people and she leads by example, which is so important when it comes to supporting other women in the workplace, especially those who are new in the industry.

Jordana & Annie

Mothers Mary, a lifestyle blog for moms who use cannabis, is run by founders Jordana and Annie. Jordana and Annie both struggled with postpartum depression and found relief through cannabis. Creating a stigma-free zone for moms to learn and offer support to each other is central to their mission.

Antuanette Gomez

Antuanette Gomez is the former chair of Women Grow and founder of Pleasure Peaks, a company focused on using cannabis to promote women’s sexual health and elevate their experiences. Antoinette has made an impact on many women in the industry and continues to be an innovator in the space.

Jamie Shaw

Jamie Shaw is a partner at Groundwork Consulting. She lobbied for and consulted on the earliest municipal cannabis retail regulations in Canada and is Canada’s only court-certified dispensary expert.

Abby Epstein & Ricki Lake

Abby Epstein and Ricki Lake are the duo behind the documentary “Weed the People” This documentary is helping to change perspectives and is making a difference educating people about medical cannabis.

Kate Robertson

Kate Robertson is a cannabis writer whom we find hilarious and the mind behind Hits from the Blog. Kate can be found on Twitter, and trust us, she’s worth the follow!

Aliza Sherman

Ellementa founder Aliza Sherman is bringing women’s health and conversation to the forefront. Elementa guides women on how to integrate cannabis legally, safely and discreetly into their lives.

High Girls Club

High Girls Club is keeping the vibe high with a girly gallery of cannabis inspired art and photography. Their gorgeous Instagram is full of fun photos and illustrations and they’ve started collaborating on bringing curated products to their fanbase as well.

Jessica Gonzalez

Jessica Gonzalez is a cannabis lifestyle writer, educator and influencer and the genius behind The Mommy Jane Instagram account. Jessica brings a candid voice to the cannabis industry and helps to de-stigmatize cannabis.

Ashleigh Brown

Ashleigh Brown is a patient advocate and the founder of SheCann, an amazing Facebook group of cannabis patients sharing support, feedback and updates on cannabis for medical purposes.

Angelina Blessed

Angelina Blessed is the founder of Blessed Edibles. Blessed Edibles specializes in athletic recovery edibles, drinks and oils. They are innovators in the edible space, proving that edibles can be part of an athletic routine and soon they’re expanding into topicals as well!

Siobhan & Sloan

Sisters, Siobhan and Sloan are farmers out of Humboldt County’s first-permitted cannabis farm. Branded as the Grow Sisters, they started making videos in 2017, allowing viewers a sneak peak of what it’s really like to work on a cannabis farm. Grow Sisters has expanded to include more women from the cannabis industry and is amazing and informative.

Ladies of Paradise

Ladies of Paradise is a women-positive creative agency + brick-and-mortar store in Portland, Oregon where women are appreciated, celebrated and supported. Currently, LoP offers cannabis event planning services, graphic design, packaging, creative content development, educational meetups, and product lines. You can follow them on instagram at @ladiesofparadise


@Mad_Whits is a gorgeous freelance model, manager at 180 Smoke and EKS ambassador. A self-described Green Queen, Madison has been in the cannabis space for a long time and is an all round bad-ass babe!

Ashley Athill

Ashley Athill is a cannabis cultivator and educator. She’s currently the Founder and CEO at HRVSTR - a commercial Licensed Producer applicant under the ACMPR framework. You can keep up with her and her educational company Sensii at @sensii.cannabis

Cheryl Shuman

Cheryl Shuman is the founder of the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club and is often referred to as The Martha Stewart of Weed. Cheryl is a cancer survivor and has over 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry.

Ms. Erin G

Ms. Erin G is the founder of High Values HR, the cannabis industry's HR education organization dedicated to workplace harassment, discrimination, and equality in Canada. Celebrating our workforce every day.

Unity Marguerite

Unity Marguerite is smashing cannabis stigma and normalizing consumption. Unity is a cannabis social media consultant, cannabis educator and cannabis stylist. You can follow her company  on twitter at @blysscloud and at bysscloud.com

Emma Baron

Emma Baron is the founder and creative director of MilkWeed, that promotes thoughtful design, craft, and ritual - for the contemporary cannabis consumer.


Stashie.co creates beautiful labels for cannabis products, available for wholesale and personal use. Creator Michelle saw the need for aesthetically pleasing labels specifically designed for cannabis and thus Stashie was born.

Andrea Dobbs

Andrea Dobbs is an agent of joy- shining light on the cannabis for the wellness sector, with a lens focused on women's health. She’s the co-founder of the Village Bloomery.

Trina Fraser

Trina Fraser is a partner at Brazeau Seller Law and is known in the biz as THE cannabis lawyer. Trina is based in Ottawa, Ontario.

Lisa Campbell

Lisa Campbell is the “Badass Lady in Cannabis” and CEO of Lifford Cannabis Solutions.

Pamela Hadfield

Pamela Hadfield is a former techie turned Co-Founder of HelloMD, a telemedicine company based in California. HelloMD currently operates in the US and Canada.

Dessy Pavlova

Dessy Pavlova has been in the industry for a long time. Dessy works with brands to navigate cannabis regulations and develop the industry—starting with education. She’s a professional writer with over a decade of experience in drug policy and cannabis.

Fall for Vee

Fall for Vee is a translator, photographer, writer and cannabis enthusiast. You can follow her beautiful journey at @fallforvee

Tijen and Ashley

Earth Kisses Sky (EKS) sells ready-to-infuse wellness products to bring luxury and healing into your beauty routine. Co-founders Tijen and Ashley have roots in holistic medicine, acupuncture and massage therapy so they know what’s needed to have you feeling great!

Amber Craig

Amber Craig is the VP Marketing at 420 Premium Markets, a high-end cannabis retailer with incredible and enviable marketing and luxury products.

Val McCulloch 

Shatterizer is an innovative Shatter pen co-founded by cannaqueen Val. The Shatterizer is quite extraordinary and we can’t wait to see what else in on the way!

Anja Charbonneau

Anja Charbonneau is the creative  mind behind Broccoli Magazine. Created by women who love weed, Broccoli is a magazine presenting a new perspective on cannabis culture. Playful, informed, eclectic and thoughtful, it encourages the discovery and intelligent appreciation of cannabis through explorations of art, culture and fashion.

Barinder Rasode

Barinder Rasode is the founder NICHE Canada and BotaniQ Magazine. She’s the co-founder of  Cannabis Wise and She Talks. If that wasn’t enough, she’s also CEO of Grow Tech Labs

Sherry Feng

Sherry Feng is a brilliant marketer coming from the beer industry. Sherry is the marketing director for Fireside, part of VIVO.

Sarah Hanlon

Sarah Hanlon is a fantastic cannabis writer, media personality and former Big Brother Canada winner.


Natalia of Hiiighvibes is curating cannabis content on Instagram for all the female cannabis enthusiasts out there.

Anne Marie

Anne Marie is a cannabis writer for CannaWrite. Her writing is intuitive and informative; you should definitely check her out.

Jacqui Childs

Jacqui Childs is a best selling author, cannabis influencer and an all round force to be reckoned with.

Melinda Rombout

Melinda Rombout is the CEO of Eve & Co., a female-led company comprising of farmers of craft cannabis who pride themselves on growing the most beautiful flower in Canada.

Michele Parrotta

@MimiCannabis is a medical and recreational cannabis consultant, activist and advocate. She’s a Hamilton-based influencer and “women in weed” supporter.


@Katie.cbd is a cannabis educator and advocate. If you’re looking for cannabis information, she’s a great resource.

Kyra Reed

Kyra Reed is the CEO of  Markyr Cannabis Branding, Founder, Women Entrepreneurs in Cannabis (WEiC), and a cannabis business consultant and speaker.

Heidi Fortes

Heidi Fortes, is the founder of Accuretrements, an affordable luxury cannabis accessories brand, rooted in discretion. Their mission is to create elegant, safe and discreet accessories that blend the space between cannabis and home décor.

Irie Selkirk

Irie, thought Leader. World Changer. Trail blazer. Irie also happens to act as CEO for The Green Tent and VP of Consumer Education & Outreach for Fleurish Cannabis.

Annie MacEachern

Annie MacEachern is a cannabis activist and influencer. Annie sits on a variety of panels related to medicinal cannabis and does a lot in her community to educate, destigmatize and create policy-change around cannabis.


Amie is the woman behind Mommy’s Inside Voice, a blog and Instagram community devoted to honest parenthood and cannabis too! You can check out Canndora’s Q&A with Amie here. Amie is also a birth and postpartum doula based in Vancouver Island.

Rielle Capler

MHA, PhD. Postdoc fellow  Co-founder/Advisor  cannabis policy, education. Rielle has been has been involved in the cannabis field for the past 19 years, engaged in research, knowledge translation, policy development, service provision and community organizing.

Ashley Keenan 

Ashley is the founder of CannaQueen Consulting, a freelance project that offers quality content development and individual consultations within the cannabis industry.

Hilary Black 

Hilary is Chief Advocacy Officer with Canopy Growth and Founder BC Compassion Club. Incredibly she is also a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Award, acknowledging her for making a significant contribution to Canadian society for her work with medical cannabis. 

Tracy Curly 

Tracy has been working in cannabis as an advocate for increased access. Tracy creates avenues for dignified cannabis consumption for patients by teaching them how to infuse cannabis into their foods.

Mel Wilhelm

Mel is the owner of @melomomentz, organizer of the Indigenous Cannabis Cup, an artist and writer. She's an all around industry warrior.  

Farrell A. Miller 

Farrell is the only female law student in Canada to ever focus on Cannabis Law. Currently the director of legal at Dicentra, a consulting firm. She is also on the board of NORML.

S. Siobhan McCarthy

Award winning film and web series producer, creator and director, S. Siobhan McCarthy, is the CEO and Executive Producer of blyssful PRODUCTIONS and red trike media inc. Her latest endeavour is blyssful ALCHEMY- an educational workshop series educating people about plant medicines.

Caryma Sa'd 

Caryma is a lawyer practicing in the cannabis space. She is frequently called upon by the media as a trusted source for their news stories. Her perspective on the intersection of law, politics, and racism underlying cannabis prohibition makes her a strong proponent of legalization and expungement.
You can connect with her on Twitter: @CarymaRules

Sarah Gillies

Sarah is the founder of High5, a female run cannabis group has co founded different groups such as greenmarket Toronto, high5 markets , and has been a launching pad for other strong female entrepreneurs. Connect with Sarah on instagram: @wearethehigh5

Pauline Garrard

Pauline is the CEO of Canna Relief Canada Inc. and has been working for the past 4 ½ years helping patients to access medical cannabis through licensed producers, and running a storefront in Mississauga that provides education to the public, along with being an adult space to buy cannabis accessories, gifts, hemp products and more. Canna Relief is in the midst of receiving full trademark approval this year.


Canndora Team

Last but not least, there’s the Canndora team.

Big shoutout to Katie, Bridget, Tracy, Kirah & Danielle for your support!

Here’s to women making a difference in the cannabis space. We rise together.

Did we miss you on this list?

Reach out, we want to include you! Send us your information, bio and links to your social account to info@canndora.com

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