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Canndora's #FierceFounders Edition Box features innovative products created by fierce Canadian founders with an eye for the future of cannabis

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Canndora Darlings Pre-rolls

NEW! Beautiful ready-to-fill Canndora Darlings Pre-rolls included. Printed on tree-free all-natural hemp paper, made in China from a mix of edible soy, hempseed oil and natural pigments. Comes in 2 colours (Purple and Multi).

#FierceFounders Edition

Shatterizer Vaporizer

The Shatterizer Vaporizer is the newest development in discreet, high-quality cannabis concentrates portable vaping.

Earth Kisses Sky Pain & Inflammation Skin Salve

This ready-to-infuse herbal salve effectively helps manage pain & inflammation. Excellent analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties are useful for joint and muscle pain.

Soak Life Bath Goods Pinene + Hemp Bubble Bath

Bubble bath formulated for use as-is, OR add up to 10mL of your own cannabis oil to enhance the experience. Contains pinene; smells amazing.

The Her(b)Life V2

Explores topics such as the origin of the 420 movement, frontline workers in the cannabis space, amnesty for non-violent cannabis offences, and how meditation and cannabis belong together.

Canndora Darlings Pre-rolls

NEW! Beautiful ready-to-fill Canndora Darling Pre-rolls included. Comes in 2 colours (Purple and Multi)

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