Hotbox Edition

The Hotbox Edition celebrates the first summer post legalization and supports normalization by celebrating women who enjoy cannabis.
Summertime is a chance to get outdoors, explore and have a great time with friends. Canndora wants women to be able to enjoy consuming on the go by curating stylish and functional products, perfect for patio drinks and camping alike.
 Working with cannabis activist and retail expert Abi Roach, we’ve curated Hotbox Edition valued at over $150.
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"I've been lucky enough to enjoy Canndora's curated editions. They're beautiful, but more than that, they're easy conversation starters perhaps with friends or family members that aren't quite aware of the elevated experiences I share as a cannabis consumer . For those that enjoy the finer things. These boxes are definitely for you . Thanks to Canndora's curated accessories my friends & family are enjoying classy, elevated experiences together, without shame or stigma."

- Jacqui Childs, Award Winning Social Media Influencer, Author & Advocate


HotBox Vac Nug Jar

Ensure your cannabis stays fresh with these Hotbox vacuum jars! Your bud is vacuum sealed every time to lock in the freshness. Each jar can hold approximately half an ounce.

HotBox 40mm Metal Grinder

Never be caught without a grinder again with the Official Hotbox 3-piece grinder with kief screen and scraper! Subtle and space-saving, this grinder is perfect for in a clutch, purse, or pocket.

Canndora Darlings - Black with Gold Tip

Beautiful ready-to-fill Canndora Darlings. Canndora Darlings are printed on tree-free all-natural hemp paper, made in China from a mix of edible soy, hempseed oil and natural pigments.

Hotbox Bamboo Rolling Tray 

The 4x6 Hotbox Bamboo Rolling Tray is custom made to fit into the HOTBOX Smelly proof purse, perfect for on the go, never be without a place to roll.

$15.00 Gift Card

Shop online at and receive $15.00 OFF your entire order of elevated cannabis accessories. Perfect time to secure & save on that item you've been hoping for through our shop.

Hotbox Smell Proof Purse

Travel in smell-proof style with the official Hotbox smelly-proof clutch, made with vegan leather and carbon-lined with a trendy Hotbox liner! Each clutch comes with a sexy chain bracelet handle so you can use as a clutch or wristlet!

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