Join #Legalizedit! Raise Awareness (and enter for a chance to win!)

Join the campaign! Share your message about what legalization means to you. #Legalizedit @CanndoraClub

What is #Legalizedit?
#Legalizedit is raising awareness about the benefits of legalization for Canada, as told by Canadians

Why are we doing this?
Canndora wants to help break down stigma by expanding the conversation, encouraging Canadian consumers to shed light on the many ways that cannabis legalization is making an impact on our lives.

How to participate? (AND enter to win!)
We’re out to make this as easy as possible for Canada to share what legalization means to them!

Use the hashtag #legalizedit and tag @canndoraclub on social to be entered to win a #Legalizedit gift box. 

#Legalizedit Examples For Inspiration:

  • Legalization means I am free to be me #legalizedit @canndoraclub
  • Legalization means economic opportunity for Canada #legalizedit @canndoraclub
  • Legalization means more research and medical studies #legalizedit @canndoraclub
  • Canada might just relax a little! #legalizedit @Canndoraclub

All perspectives welcome. Our goal is to come together and showcase the vast impact cannabis legalization is having on Canada!

Ways to Enter & Participate:

Tweet tagging @CanndoraClub and using the hashtag #Legalizedit. RT’s and engaging in other Canadians’ #Legalizedit content is super valuable to encourage the conversation.

Share a public post on Facebook tagging @CanndoraClub and using the hashtag #Legalizedit. Feel free to share campaign content to your pages and groups, the more shares, the bigger the conversation.

Share a photo on Instagram tagging @CanndoraClub and using the hashtag #Legalizedit. We will re-gram entries, especially those that appear extra Canadian!

Fill Out the Form:
Please let us know if you'd like to remain anonymous, otherwise, we will include your first name against your message. 

*Open to Canadian residents 19+. Winners will be picked at random on October 17th. One entry per entry method will be counted*. 

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