Canndora HighOnLove™ Edition - Annual Subscription
Canndora HighOnLove™ Edition - Annual Subscription

Canndora HighOnLove™ Edition - Annual Subscription

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Order your subscription today and don't miss out on a chance to receive this exciting edition along with 2 future editions, $375 worth of product for only $225! 

The HighOnLove Edition celebrates the unique connection between hemp and sexuality. Canndora and HighOnLove want women to be able to enjoy sexual experiences with hemp whether that be solo or with a partner. 

The HighOnLove Editionis the perfect gift this holiday season! Whether it's a partner or best friend, everyone needs to get HighOnLove.

HighOnLove™ Orgasm Oil

A sensuous fusion of all-natural oils and premium grade hemp seed oil made to revolutionize the way you love by igniting a more intense and profound orgasmic experience. This exhilarating blend can increase the blood flow, promote the production of natural lubricants and ultimately awaken the senses that will take you to uncharted territories. HighOnLove™ Stimulating Oil was designed to be transformative for those experiencing vaginal dryness, discomfort, and a decreased libido. Thoughtfully created for women and blissfully appreciated by couples. 

HighOnLove™ Orgasm Gel

Incredibly smooth and luxurious! HighOnLove™ O Gel is a fusion of all natural ingredients with premium grade hemp seed oil made to give a new meaning to love. This harmonious and water-based blend will exhilarate each gliding movement making it more pleasurable by the touch and ultimately giving you that climatic experience you’ve been waiting for! 

HighOnLove™ Couples Lip Gloss

Combining sexy and pleasure, HighOnLove’s lip gloss was designed to plump and hydrate the lips making it feel irresistibly kissable while enhancing foreplay by increasing sensitivity and exciting the intimate areas.

BONUS: HighOnLove™ Make-Up Bag

Each edition receives a luxury HighOnLove™ make-up bag. 


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