Shatterizer Vaporizer - Clear Globe
Shatterizer Vaporizer - Clear Globe

Shatterizer Vaporizer - Clear Globe

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The Shatterizer vaporizer delivers perfect clouds, every time!

Fun clear globe available to view your #perfectclouds

These vapes are the newest development in discreet, lifestylish, high-quality cannabis concentrates portable vaping. 

Your Shatterizer will come fully assembled in an all inclusive vape kit, with a thank you card and user instructions – click guide. Your Shatterizer Starter Kit duals as a travel or storage box with:

  • 1 Shatterizer Atomizer: resin cover mouthpiece, clear globe, Quartz Dual Coil (QDC) coil and coil cap
  • 1 additional bonus back up QDC coil
  • 1 Shatterizer Lithium-Ion battery with 3 Stage Variable Voltage
  • 1 Magnetic Silicone Lined Wax Storage Container
  • 1 Micro USB Cord with Pass Thru technology

And of course, 1 Dab tool … used to load cannabis concentrates directly upon the coils.

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