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canndora reviews

Wow, thank you Canndora! Super impressed - I really am. So classy and everything in the box is something I can use. Well done! I can't wait for the next one! Beautifully done! xo

Ashley Kingsley

Shoutout to Canndora for providing quality products in their subscription box that we can truly enjoy! 

Chanel Monika Jordan @highchanel

5 stars. HIGHly recommend Canndora Club to all my fellow Marijuana Primadonna’s

Mel Wilhelm @Melomomentz, High Canada Magazine

I'm psyched! This is the best box I've ever received. 

LeafTopia Lynn @leaftopia420

Classy and grassy! Beautifully curated seasonal cannabis box. You’ll be most pleased when you sign up and receive your stunning first box!

- Nadine Stephens @aliceinwonderdab

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All about Tinctures with Blyssful Alchemy

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Elevated Cottage Essentials for a Weekend Away

Elevated Cottage Essentials for a Weekend Away

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Visit 420 Friendly Vancouver

Visit 420 Friendly Vancouver

When you’re an elevated woman looking for a great vacation destination for the Summer you have lots of things to consider. One of those things, of course, is how 420 friendly the place you’re going to visit is. Vancouver B.C. is definitely one of those travel destinations.